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Sydney Wildlife Volunteer Support

When practising meditation for many years, it awakens all of your senses.Pulling you out of the drudge that so many are lost in and most of all, awakening you completely. Once your eyes are truely open, you are mindful of the natural environment around you. Becoming truely aware that we are connected to all of nature that is around us. When you are awakened, you realise you are as one with all sentient beings. Helping and supporting our magnificent wildlife is one of the many great things you can do to help reduce stress, anxiety and high blood pressure. In my personal time, I am a wildlife volunteer for Sydney Wildlife Rescue. These videos will show you how rewarding and empowering it is to care for our wildlife. I hope you will be inspired by these videos of Sandy the Brushtail Possum.

PART 1 – Sandy the Baby Possum
Sadly Her Mother Died after being Hit by a Car 


PART 2 – Sandy the Baby Possum
Settling in and Eating Well


PART 3 – Sandy the Baby Possum
Growing Up Fast and Eating Well

PART 4 – Sandy the Baby Possum
Soft Released Back in the Bush


“It has been a busy time since I completed their course in November. I have been on 36 rescues and counting. I have hand raised six possums from juveniles to adults and many native birds that are now flying free in the Sydney skies. Well worth supporting this great organisation. They need more volunteers!”

To find out more about rescuing our wildlife go to Sydney Wildlife Rescue


Koala Foundation

Save KoalasChanneling Meditation has donated to The Koala Foundation to help them plant more food trees in our forests to stop our adorable koalas from starving. Their home forests are being torn down due to developers and urban expansion.

A story about Harrold.

“Thank you for your recent donation to Harrold’s Forest of $220. You asked about the location of Harrold’s Forest. Harrold the koala lived in the Noosa National Park and some of the trees are planted there however, we have different sites around Australia where we plant the trees. As you can understand that we get lots of tree plantings and the one area could not sustain all the new trees. We have plantations in Victoria at Framlingham and Ballarat where large areas of koala food trees were destroyed in bushfires over recent years and the donations for Harrold’s Forest are used to help in these areas.

We keep a strict count on the number of trees planted and only put them where we know they are going to be looked after and nurtured by local volunteers to ensure that they stand the best chance of survival.

Koalas are quite difficult creatures to translocate so I am not sure whether many koalas from other areas have been put into these areas however, ongoing planting ensures that the wild koalas will have food and trees to live in.

I hope this answers your questions and if you have any further ones please do not hesitate to contact me. Once again thank you for your generous donation.” – Rose Darroch, Supporter Liaison Officer of the Australian Koala