Thank You Meditation

Thank you meditation for saving Australian wildlife that has survived the wildfires

Thank You Meditation

Thank You for being so patient. Meditation will not be starting on the 14th March and now moved to the 21st March. Floors being replaced next week.

Everything moves so much slower when insurance is involved. On a positive note, with all the rain we have focused on bringing to Sydney and the east coast, the fires have been extinguished. Some wildlife life has been rescued, others perished.

Thank you for being there when we focused on bringing rain to Sydney and the East Coast, this is why…

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Finally the rain arrived and helped to put out the 89 bushfires burning across the state in February 2017. Let me share some amazing ladies I know that volunteer for Sydney Wildlife Rescue have gone down to Canberra where Queanbeyan is a neighbouring township. This is where fires were burning out of control and once were extinguished, the slide show below shows you some of the wildlife they have saved and others beyond help. I am very proud of them as I am also registered with Sydney Wildlife Rescue as a rescuer and carer in my own time when every possible. I am lucky to have a little ringtail possum in my care from burning her feet and paws running across a hot tin roof when it was 40 – 45 heat still in the evening.  We definitely need more men helping out at Sydney Wildlife Rescue.

You can find their website and contact number on this link

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Another big “Thank You” to this unique and inspiring 100% Australian brand. The notes are directly from Daniel Flynn

“Thank You has been created to inspire you to challenge everything, to remind you that you can turn ideas into reality and to give you the opportunity to be part of a bold idea that could change the course of history.
Chapter One (book) is the story of three kids from Melbourne, Australia, with zero experience in business, who had an idea and the crazy belief that we all have the power to change stuff.

It started with the world water crisis (and how to end it) but has developed into an award-winning consumer goods brand that empowers millions of people to fight poverty with every munch of muesli, a sip of water or pump of hand wash. And that’s just the beginning…

This is the story of epic proportions by Thankyou co-founder Daniel Flynn about Thankyou’s gut-wrenching decisions, wild mistakes and daring moves in business, marketing and social enterprises so far. You will laugh at their boldness, cry at their failings and be inspired by their determination.

But more than that, you’ll understand that no matter your walk of life, you too have the power to change stuff!”  You can read more about it here

You also might be wondering why I am letting you know about “Thankyou” well for the past ten years of guiding meditation we have been focusing on ending poverty and sharing abundance. Well, I love to share the stories of real people that are starting to do this around the world. The power of meditation reaching out to individuals that are ready to make a difference to the world. Individuals that know there is more to life than sitting in from of the television and on the lounge.

Thanks for reading this little story and please share with all of your friends so together we can make a difference to our magnificent planet earth we are all living on.



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