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Selenite Crystal Pyramid – to be placed in your bedroom for protection


Understanding the properties of Selenite and why it is such a great crystal for meditation.

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Translucent Selenite has a very fine vibration and brings clarity of mind, opening the crown and higher chakras. Accessing both angelic consciousness and higher guidance. Pure Selenite is a link to the light body helping to anchor it in the earth vibration. It is a calm stone that instils deep peace and is excellent for meditation or spiritual work.

The selenite pyramid when placed in your bedroom forms a protective grid. Creating a safe and quiet space that does not allow outside influences. So you can sleep deeply with pleasant dreams.

Psychologically, Selenite assists judgement and insight. Mentally, it clears confusion and aids in seeing the deeper picture. It brings about a conscious understanding of what has been occurring at the subconscious level. This is a powerful disperser and stabilizer for erratic emotions.


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