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8 Manifestation Meditation Tips

The Law of Manifestation applies to everyone at all levels, all of the time, and is a universal law that is also known as the Law of Attraction. The theory behind this is that like will attract like, so essentially positive thoughts will manifest positive outcomes in life, and as such, negative thinking will cause negative outcomes to happen.

As with everything in our universe, thoughts are energy, and therefore significantly contribute to outcomes in the physical world. Thoughts can also project and attract energy.

Thoughts can manifest desired outcomes in all aspects of life, and not just material or financial gain. Manifestation Meditation can be used for careers/jobs, health, relationships, proficiency in sports, academic ability, and almost any area you seek improvement. By applying these 8 useful tips, the Law of Manifestation can be used to make positive improvements to your own life.

Picture Your Life Goals

Think about your life goals, and clearly picture them in your mind. By visualizing them becoming a reality, you’ll get a sense of how things can be, and this can lead to your goals manifesting. Replay the visualization often in your mind, ensuring to keep yourself as the main component of the visualization when doing Manifestation Meditation. Focus on how you will feel when the changes happen.

Meditate on Your Wishes

We all have wishes or desires, and the Law of Manifestation can be applied to meditation techniques to assist you in attaining your goals, wishes and desires. This will help focus your mind on positive outcomes, rather than negativity which can counteract the Law of Manifestation.

Don’t Question the Universe (Too Much)

Curiosity can get the better of us, but try hard not to focus your thoughts on the why, how and when. They’re not the issues you should be concerned about, but rather, the eventual outcome, whatever and whenever the universe deems fit for applying to you.


Doubts can severely affect the Law of manifestation. Having conviction in the eventuality of your goals becoming a reality will help your goals to manifest. Believing that something can happen and also thinking it won’t happen will cancel the manifestation from happening. Manifestation Meditation can help greatly with this.

Examine Your Self

Intending to take positive actions and then committing negative ones does not help with the Law of Manifestation. Therefore it is vital that your thoughts and actions towards, nature and the universe are wholesome and well intentioned. Be sure to focus on positive traits such as compassion, kindness, tolerance, respect, gratefulness, happiness, patience and understanding, rather than hatred, jealousy, anger, resentfulness, frustration, sorrow and sadness.

Be Grateful, and Show It

Show gratitude to the universe for giving what you currently have in your life, because a lack of gratitude can hinder the likelihood of receiving more. Focusing on what you already have during Manifestation Meditation and indeed every other aspect of your daily life than on the things you want is a good way to show gratitude. Don’t ponder on negativity, and instead focus on all the positive aspects of your life. And when more positive things are presented to you, remember to thank the universe for providing you with these things.

Share and Be Generous

Don’t hoard your abilities or possessions – share all you have with the rest of the world. This might seem a bit strange, but generosity with others attracts generosity from others. Some examples to start with could be through donating to charity, being more compassionate with people, and loving unconditionally.

Positive Actions are a Must

Any opportunities that are passed your way should be taken advantage of, rather than passed by or wasted. Be more proactive – things won’t automatically come your way just because your intentions are set and you’re visualizing your goals – you have to take positive action to make them happen. Look for apparently random and coincidental opportunities. These are usually the universe providing these opportunities for you, rather than dropping your desires right onto your lap. The benefits of practicing Manifestation Meditation techniques could be considered by some as a gift from the universe

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