Lake Eyre 2016

Earth Air Fire Water Spirit and mother earth meditation. Lake Eyre 2016 filled with water and Making the deserts Green and Alive!

Being healed by the Outback Earth Spirits


A Big Thankyou to All for keeping Lake Eyre 2016 filled with water and Making the deserts Green and Alive!

Firstly, I want to thank everyone who have participated in my meditation courses over the past ten years. For the first time in my life, I have flown out to Lake Eyre 2016 last week and witnessed first hand our great work as a collective consciousness. Lake Eyre has been and still is filled with water since the drought broke back late 2009. That is around six years now that Lake Eyre has had varying levels of water. Sometimes very full, sometimes not so full but still always filled with the life giving water.

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The deserts are also still green and lush and full of life as I have been guiding all of us to focus on within our meditations, over the past five years and as you can see in the photos above. I wanted to capture some of what I saw. It was an amazing trip, I was traveling on a small plane with twin engines. Flew out of Adelaide, refueled at Leigh Creek, flew over Lake Eyre to Birdsville then across channel country into Queensland, Longreach where we stayed overnight. Back on the plane to fly to a national park where the Digg Tree is. Then flew to Innamincka and stayed there overnight also. Then back to Leigh Creek and then Adelaide.

Being away from computers and in the desert for 3 days and mostly in the air, with no reception was just what I needed. I had no idea how huge this ancient land is and how magical it is. The desert is so vast and it was breathtaking to see so much space, land and nature. Places where there is still no sign of mankind. So refreshing in this day and age. The desert spirits of this area truely brought me back to myself. Was not there for very long. But the experience was so special, my dreams were so different and it helped to fully realign me within myself. I could feel my spirit change as the earth spirits of the desert merged within me.

I will be setting up a gallery soon on my website to show you what I have captured from the air and on the land. With the artwork the aboriginal people have painted over the centuries, I can see that they have practised quite a lot of astral travel in their experiences of dreaming.

There is so much to write and share. What resonated in the center of my being and what I felt with the spirits of the land, was to remind you all how each and everyone one of us is very special. The essence of the God force/life force is within you. It is the true and pure connection of source that I want you to have, to experience and to remember. While we are living in our bodies, experiencing this lifetime, we are here also to heal this magnificent land and mother earth we live on. In meditation we stand together, in our power, united to restore this magnificent blue planet. To see the lands green and full of life.

Turn away from bad movies, away from bad news, away from the disruptions of lies and falseness we are being fed daily. Instead spend time in nature, see the sun in the sky, watch what is inspiring, positive and beautiful. For when you are centered, when you are still, this is the time you connect with your higher self. When you gather your power, your knowledge of many lifetimes, your health and happiness. I ask you all to acknowledge who you are and be very aware of the greatness that you carry within you. Some of you have already embraced that special part of yourselves, others are still searching. I am here to help you reach that special place through my meditations. Making the process quicker when you take time out from our distracting cities.

If we can bring water and life to the deserts in this short time, then imagine what we can do in our lives. It all starts with you and your awakening. The first step you have made, by joining my meditations. We are in a time, where we are witnessing humanity awaken quickly. There is more good in the world. I ask you to take out time for yourselves and also, start watching out for the good news. I ask you all to change your ways, fill your minds and lives with happiness and love. Be with those that are supportive, loving and good. Move away from any darkness or negativity. Do not give these lower forces any more attention. They will dry up and disappear once you step away from them and do not give them any of your energy. I am looking forward to seeing you all again at meditation next week. So we can continue to heal this magnificent ancient Gondwanaland we are living on.

I ask you all to do one thing for me now. Go to your local council nursery, purchase a eucalyptus tree, dig a hole in your council strip where you are living and plant a tree now, before Christmas. Give a gift to nature. Water it 3 times a week for the next 5 weeks. Watch it grow and become the home to so many birds and native bees. This tree will contribute so much more oxygen to the air in Sydney. Make a difference now. The will and power is within you to make this small step, that will make such a huge difference. More than you can imagine.

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