Real People Talk About Guided Healing Meditation for Relaxation

Guided healing meditation for deep sleep, relaxation and insomnia. Real People Talk About Guided Meditation for Healing in Sydney, Australia

Real People Talk About Guided Meditation for Healing

Video Meditation Testimonials from Sydney Participants

In our busy world, we need healing and relaxation – fast. We also need skills we can take with us no matter where we are or what we’re doing. This is where guided meditation shines (along with the huge list of health benefits). Some people apply their learnings from classes every day, others only as they need them.

There are immediate benefits to guided meditation for relaxation or guided meditation for healing. Meditation testimonials from our weekly class are captured throughout this article. Read on to find out how guided meditation helps people like you and I.

“Detox to my mind, aches and pains, mental health, sleeping better, more relaxed, calm and mellow. Got a lot in the past five weeks! It’s gold. It’s brilliant” – Merick

Who Meditates?

Nowadays, meditation is not isolated to the Buddhist monks upon the mountaintops of the Himalayas (although we won’t say no to a trip!). Meditation has been mainstream in western society since the start of the 20th century(*1).

Your neighbours, co-workers, friends and family members are among the people harnessing the benefits of guided meditation. No-one walks in an expert. Everyone walks out with a greater sense of wellbeing, improved physical and mental health and a greater awareness of their body and mind.

“Made me remember a lot of my dreams. The process is a journey. From the beginning, you could see everything, every step to transforming your body and mind. My anxiety is completely gone, and I stopped smoking” – Bruna

In a scientific study it was found that just after 5 hours of meditation classes, smoking could be reduced by 60%(*2).

Guided Meditation

The course consists of a 1.5-hour class every Tuesday for five weeks. From the very first class, you’ll experience benefits. By the end, you’ll have the skills to take with you on your journey. As the classes progress, more benefits emerge such as less anxiety and improved focus.

A Harvard University study found that meditation improves sleep, restlessness and insomnia(*3). Attendees report experiencing a progression of improvement over the five weeks.

“My sleeping patterns have improved significantly. I’ve progressed in my sleeping patterns (over the five weeks). I feel much calmer, not waking during the night and have been generally feeling more relaxed. I’ll certainly be coming back” – Sonia

Prior attendees are encouraged to return to refresh or simply to enter a space where they can completely switch off and relax.

Earth Healing Meditation in Sydney

Earth element healing is an ancient Eastern practice dated to over 5000 years ago(*4). It is amazing how something so ancient can work so beautifully. The earth element is designed to help the mind and the body.

“It has definitely been an experience. I’ve seen changes physically – more energy. Emotionally – synchronicity and harmony. Mentally – focussed. Spiritually and energetically – more connected. The earth element in the third eye sends tingles through the body immediately. Not an ordinary meditation class. The vibrations and energy changed my way of thinking” – Catherine

There is a divine experience to be had in earth element guided meditation.

 Classes book out quickly, but we’ll keep running them to help as many people as possible! Book in here (bottom of the page).

 For one-on-one guided meditation or personal healing appointments please click here.

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