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The earth or fire element energy is directly transferred into the third eye. Also known as Shaktipat by many.

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Sydney’s Spiritual Healer for Chakra Healing

One of the most disruptive experiences 100s of millions of us have today globally is anxiety. The world sees Australians as a relaxed bunch. However, just as we don’t all have kangaroos in our backyards (particularly in Leichardt where we are based) or year-round summers, we also do not live anxiety-free. We experience the awful impacts of anxiety as much as anyone in any other country. Energy healing for anxiety is becoming more and more popular as we turn first to natural healing before medication.

Anxiety Was Once a Positive Adaptation

Small amounts of anxiety are useful. In fact, it was a positive adaptation 10,000 years ago. The adrenaline, healthy dose of fear and quick thinking kept us alive and activated the fight, flight and freeze responses.

Anxiety today is different. Our body responds to stimuli and events as if they are genuine threats to our lives or genuinely dangerous situations. Missing the train, feeling tension with a co-worker, nervousness before speaking, worry for a loved one, and plenty more do not require us to respond with the level of anxiety many of us often have. But it happens.

Chronic and excessive anxiety, as we know, are incredibly detrimental to physical and mental health. Western medicine typically recommends medication. For many people, turning to a spiritual healer for chakra healing are preferred methods. Every individual is different and consulting with your GP is always recommended. In saying that, many people are looking to obtain a balance between modern and traditional healing. Energy healing for anxiety can have profound results – and it is drug free!

In the east, people do not suffer from as much anxiety nor depression as we do in the west. Research shows the regular use of tumeric in their diet, is a key ingredient assisting with stabilizing mood and combating depression.

Chakra Healing

What can we do about unhealthy levels of anxiety? Short of changing our genetics, we adapt and heal. We return to the source of strength, resilience, stability and confidence. This starts with the root chakra. The seven primary chakras cannot flow or benefit us if they are blocked. Furthermore, if the root chakra is blocked, the other chakras become disrupted.

The Root Chakra

During chakra healing, the root chakra located at the base of the spine is the first to be cleansed. It is related to the earth element and the colour red. This is the element that grounds us and establishes a foundation for growth and flow. When it is blocked:

• The body literally struggles to flow. Constipation is common, as well as lower back pain.
Feeling settled, safe and satisfied are very difficult.
Worries and nerves are heightened and hard to manage.
We tend to react to stimuli and situations rather than respond with care and logic.

When the root chakra is flowing and becomes stronger, so do we. External negative energies roll off us like water off a duck’s back. We can all be the people in the room who exude inner peace and calm.

Energy Healing in Sydney

Meditation in Sydney’s founder, Senka assists in clearing the lower toxic energy and blockages from the chakras during the guided meditations. With the direct one to one healings, she transfers the energy straight into your third eye, otherwise known as shaktipat. This is literally filling your mind and body with high vibrational light energy, as a direct result displacing the lower vibrations that can no longer exist within you.

Senka has been a go-to for people of all walks of life for over 15 years now. She has helped countless people overcome all types of anxiety with her ancient and unique earth energy healing technique. Whether you call her a spiritual healer or something else, Senka has become a trusted guide in meditation and healing, in the inner west of Sydney.

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