Fire Element Healing, Earth, Water, Sky, Air Sydney Australia by Senka

Fire or Earth Element 1 to 1 Healing

Energy Healing in Sydney

Meditation in Sydney’s founder, Senka assists in clearing the lower toxic energy and blockages from the chakras during the guided meditations. With the direct one to one healings, she transfers the energy straight into your third eye, otherwise known as shaktipat. This is literally filling your mind and body with high vibrational light energy, as a direct result displacing the lower vibrations that can no longer exist within you.

Senka has been a go-to for people of all walks of life for over 15 years now. She has helped countless people overcome all types of anxiety with her ancient and unique earth energy healing technique. Whether you call her a spiritual healer or something else, Senka has become a trusted guide in meditation and healing, in the inner west of Sydney.

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Join Senka for energy healing for anxiety in her studio overlooking Pioneers Memorial Park.
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