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Introducing to You Our Unique Meditation Products

Getting started with Channeling Meditation has never been easier. Not matter what your level there is a way for you to get started and experience a new way of stress free life. Learn Meditation
Join Us in Our Guided Meditation Sessions to Learn how to Meditate. Be guided by Senka who will gently guide you through each session.
Meditation Retreats and Workshops. – Join Senka on a getaway like no other.
   Visit our Elite Channeling Meditation Course’ section, for more great information and we look forward for you to join our fabulous online meditation course spanning over 4 months with loads of support and guidance.Read more.… 

Crystal Healing Necklaces

Healing and balancing your chakras plus creating strong protection for you. Beautifully simple and elegant, our healing crystal necklaces are created from pure crystals.

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Join Our Meditation Classes Today

Why is this important? Well imagine being able to rewire yourself without spending thousands of dollars on a professional hypnotherapist. What if you could overcome bad habits like smoking or binging on snacks? What if you could raise your IQ, cultivate positive mindsets and awaken your minds healing abilities all by simply practising the guided meditations and joining our classes.

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Curse and Spell Breaker

We are very excited to include an unique collection of products we have created, naming our famous “Curse Buster”

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Stress Busters – Our Black Crystals Offer Stress Relief

These mysterious black crystals have been activated with an ancient, secret formula over 7000 years old, and are ready to help wash your stress away!

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Our Gift Vouchers

An excellent gift for someone who may be suffering from excessive stress, anxiety or just needs to rebalance their mind. Our vouchers allow your friend to attend when it suits them or to join you for a session to learn meditation

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Senka Guided Meditation CD

Guided Meditation mp3 CD

This meditation relaxation CD is ideal for those with incredibly full daily schedules. As the meditation are saved as mp3 sound files.

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