Meditation Benefits - Solutions for a seriously stressed out world

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Meditation Benefits

Meditation Benefits – Solutions for a seriously stressed out world

You’re overwhelmed and tired. You don’t recover from illnesses and exhaustion as well as you used to. You’re unable to contribute to your life at home or at work to the fullest. Or maybe you’re a CEO, losing a ton of money to stress-related health care payouts. You’ve heard of meditation benefits, but meditation seems a bit too mystical for a serious business person like yourself.

You can breathe easy – meditation has some serious science behind it. More and more major companies and people of influence are integrating meditation benefits into their lives.

The Costs of Stress
Loss of productivity. Loss of team integration. Loss of innovation. Increases in health care costs. Forbes magazine recently highlighted that workplace stress is at the heart of up to $190 billion in U.S. healthcare costs every year. As an example they point out that in recent years General Motors has spent more on health care than on steel.

The effectiveness of meditation is being recognised in some big-time serious circles… like the U.S. government. This article from the Telegram investigates how U.S. Congressman Tim Ryan found that if he kept up the pace of top-drawer U.S. politics he was “just going to end up a mess.” He began to practice meditation, and when he managed to fit into his day, the meditation benefits included him being able to remain calmer throughout the day, even in the face of conflict.

But he wasn’t yet disciplined enough to set aside some meditation time on an everyday basis. “He stumbled upon work done by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, founder of the internationally-acclaimed Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. A five-day mindfulness retreat changed his life.”

Meditation Benefits Veterans, Chronic Illness Sufferers, Addicts, and School Children
The article goes on to describe how more officials from a variety of U.S. government agencies and health care organisations are pushing to have meditation integrated in their care of hospitalised vets, people who are suffering from cancer and other chronic illnesses, and even schools to calm troubled children and teens.

Meditation Benefits You
So how do you ease your way into daily meditations? Meditation is similar to any other physical or mental practice – it’s best if you begin by being guided by an expert. Luckily Meditation in Sydney is the home of just such expertise. Meditation in Sydney works with Earth Element healing, an ancient practice dating back to the oldest philosophy from the Vedic Scriptures.

When we’re healthy we have a connection to the five major elements that surrounds us all the time (the other elements are Fire, Air, Sky, and Water). They bring us energy which we use to calm and heal ourselves. When you’re stressed you lose the ability to connect with these elements, throwing both your mind and body out of balance.

During your class your guide will teach you how to reach a relaxed state and how to reintroduce the Earth element into your being. This process (called “shaktipat”) will purge toxicity and cleanse your mind, leaving you relaxed and far more energetic. What all of this means is that the meditation benefits you receive will help you become the version of yourself that you want to be – relaxed, giving, innovative, receptive, healthy, and energetic.

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