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Team Workshops – How to reduce stress?

Relaxation Meditation is a great way to help rebuild teams in the workplace when they are struggling to stay focused and losing performance.

With all these pressures to contend with in the workplace, we’ve become a stressed out and an anxious lot here in Sydney. So anxious in fact that one in five Australians took medication to alleviate stress in the past fortnight, according to 2008 data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. What’s more, workplace stress costs the national economy $10.11 billion annually through absenteeism or sluggish productivity, and leads to the loss of 3.2 days per worker each year, according to research by health fund Medibank Private.

Poor team performance can be seen in many ways:

• Low productivity
• High absenteeism
• Bullying behaviour
• Scapegoating
• Lack of team spirit

The fact that results can be seen after just one session makes relaxation meditation a popular stress reduction technique. Even just 15 minutes of meditation in the morning is great for recharging energy and improving concentration. So you are asking How to Reduce Stress?

The Business of Relaxation and Meditation

As part of your wellness program, team building get aways or your next team meeting – meditation can help change the tension and help your team learn some tangible leadership skills. It’s also a great way for executives to learn how to find the mindfulness to work at a fast pace without the burn out.

We have a six week structured course of one hour sessions dedicated to guided meditation and the introduction of a mind focused technique designed to help deal with specific workplace issues.

Get the team you deserve.
• Productive
• Cohesive
• Decisive

• By Arrangement
• Client Specific
• Dependant on class numbers and specific workplace environments

Meditation helps bring teams together, helps them achieve higher