Healing Meditation Testimonial

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Healing Meditation Testimonial

An extract taken out of a recent testimonial from a meditation client October 2017

She joined us for the first time in the last course that started in September of 2017. I could see she was carrying a lot of stress within her, so much so that her face was taught as anyone’s face would. Overall I could see a lot of stress in the body as the posture was quite stiff. When she experienced the first class, I could see that she was restless as the stress was slowly surfacing to leave her. By the end of the meditation class, she was a lot more settled and slept deeply that night.

By the second class, when she was holding the black hyperstene crystal in her hand she felt like it was on fire and threw it on the floor next to her. She was amazed at how much more relaxed she was by the end of the second guided meditation class.

The other experience was an inflammation that was in her left wrist she had before arriving at the last class, she found healed and vanished by the end of the meditation session.