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Power of Meditation

Possums, Wildlife and the Power of Meditation

Power of Meditation — A Game of Fives – Observing Nature

In this mindfulness exercise all you have to do is pause for a minute or two in your garden or in a park, and take the time to notice five things in your immediate environment. They could be things that usually go unnoticed or unappreciated, or they could be whatever happens to be around.

As you pause, consider:
• Have you ever really looked at the trees, flowers or birds?
• Have you ever noticed the finer, more intricate details?
• Have you thought about what life might be without these things?
• Have you thought about how amazing these things are?
• How do these things benefit you, and others?

You can turn this into a longer meditation by starting with five things you can see, then closing your eyes and identifying five sounds, followed by five physical sensations, or feelings. Repeat the whole process three times and you’ll find yourself surprisingly relaxed. This powerful little meditation gives you the insights of how important our natural world is. Most of all Australia’s amazing forests and wildlife. A great meditation to do when you are visiting one of the our awesome national parks. This can help raise your awareness and oneness with nature anywhere in the world.

A little more about me…

Now to share with you a little more about me. I feel it is time now to share one of my many wildlife rescue videos with you on this page.  Caring for the possums I have rescued has given these sensitive and remarkable little sentient beings another chance at life. Rescued from places where others have destroyed the trees and habitat they lived in Sydney. Most people in Sydney have no idea that we actually do have quite a lot of wildlife living with us. Most of the wildlife is nocturnal such as possums, flying foxes, bandicoots and other species (flying foxes are our giant bees that pollinate the forests. Without them we would have not forests). I urge all readers from anywhere in the world to start replanting and replenishing the natural environment right now in your backyards, front yards or even the council strip. Your local council will be happy to inform you of the native plants and trees that belong in your area.

On this post is a photo of one of the brushtail possums and a pair of ringtail possums I have helped to raise and release back into new habitat where they are living happily. These possums are two very different species.  The ringtails are very social, bond for life and only live for a maximum of six years. By caring for our wildlife, not only do I heal them, they have also healed me in many ways.

Anyone that has a pet will know what I am speaking of. Looking after them has helped to open my heart and fill me with unconditional love and joy. We are living in times where our wildlife needs all of our help right now, more then ever before. I have learnt so much from the courses I have attended at Sydney Wildlife need more help from volunteers in the Inner West of Sydney.

Several medical reports have credited animals with many positive effects on people’s lives such as:

• Lowering blood pressure and stress for every day people
• Helping people cope with the loss of a loved one and other major life changes
• Better communication in marriages
• Helping people cope with cancer, Alzheimer’s and AIDS
• Higher survival rates for people with coronary heart disease
• Better socialisation of young children with peers and development of nurturing behavior.
• Improving results for anxious and depressed people

Above is the latest youtube video I have just uploaded rescuing and inspecting the condition of this possum, suffering from stress dermatitis. The photos above clearly show you the before and after results. Antibiotics helped to cure the condition. Sorry about the lighting in the video. Kept low as not to stress out the possum any further. Hope you find this newsletter inspiring.

The meditation CD contains a series of five short and easy guided meditations. Read more here. 

Thank you for the meditators that have joined me from Meditation course forest lodge.

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