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Welcome to Meditation Inner West Sydney

 Meditation Five Dock Inner West of Sydney

We have finally taken time out to upgrade our website and write up more interesting information on the benefits of meditation and how the regular and continued practice of Meditation in Sydney can help to transform your life by transforming your inner self. Reconnecting your conscious self to your soul, the true essence of who you are and where your unshakeable power resides

Over 1000 people have joined and practiced my meditation in Sydney.

Over the past eight years of guiding and channeling my meditation in Sydney, I have watched over 80% of attendees drop their stress in the space of the first thirty minutes of practicing the meditations. Many others have cured themselves of anxiety, early stages of depression, insomnia and many other ailments I have not heard of before. It brings me much joy to reach the people of Sydney, Australia and around the world to share these unique meditations. I welcome everyone to take time out from your hectic lives and join us in a very healing and peaceful space of one and a half hours committed to bringing yourself back into balance, peace and relaxation.

Here is a beautiful testimonial that Helen has shared recently.

Thank you Senka for your beautiful guided meditation in Sydney.  This has been my sixth week and right from the very beginning I noticed a big shift in me.  I have noticed I have more awareness, clarity and I am beginning to trust more.  I’m finding I go deeper within myself every time I attend, something I thought impossible as I suffer from anxiety and depression.  I now have a more positive outlook on life, my negative thoughts simply melt away, I find I’m in this positive state afterwards as well, I feel very energised and I find this feeling stays with for a day or two which I’m sure will increase as I continue.  I love everything about your meditations from the heavenly  sound of your Tibetan bowl to the unconditional love I feel when I enter the room to the calmness and joy I experience as you take us on a beautiful journey.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart Senka!, You are a beautiful soul.  I’m so blessed I found you!  You have given me back so much! I look forward with glee to your meditations every week!  Your passion and love to help restore individuals’ wellbeing, rescue our wildlife, and heal this glorious planet of ours is inspirational and quite infectious!

In love and gratitude, Helen xo

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