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Relaxation Meditation Drummoyne

Relaxation Meditation Drummoyne

What an amazing start to the new year with the fire Horse spirit and it’s already April! I would like to welcome all the new people that have joined our meditations this year. Great having you in our circles to continue with the amazing healing and relaxation meditation we experience every week.

We now have a powerful group of regulars making a difference to the world and ourselves with the healing energies experienced in our relaxing meditation.  I will be having a late Easter break on the week of the 21st – 25th April 2014. Meditation will commence again on the 29th April.

This year is the Chinese year of the fire horse and we are certainly galloping into this new year fast. The horse represents a year of fortune, bringing luck and positivity to all. The horse is considered to have supernatural powers, is strong, heroic and can even fly! The white celestial fire horse is considered sacred in Chinese culture, bringing blessings and peace to the world.

The year of the horse is a fast year. Acting quickly with decided action will bring victory. Putting things off will not help and yet hastily leaping will hinder your efforts as well. The year of the horse moves too quickly for us to go in the wrong direction for any amount of time. Be sure of your decisions before leaping. The most important thing to do is keep your mind focused on what you have right in your presence.

One way to achieve focus is to begin the process of regular meditation. The benefits of meditation have been studied for years, from lowering stress and tension to lower blood pressure levels and keeping a healthier heart. Concentration on the needs of your body and mind are an effective way to see results. Eastern cultures talk about “chakra centers” where different aspects of our lives are held. These centers also correspond to western medicine neurological plexus. Working on personal meditation with a focus on these areas has been proven to solve many physical and emotional issues for many patients.

One example is the root chakra, located at the bottom of your spine. Represented by the colour red, the root chakra corresponds with your sacral and prudendal plexus and is said to be the place where we hold our group trust problems. Negativity in this area can lead to problems with related nearby organs, such as the kidneys, liver and stomach. For those with issues such as trusting others, or even trusting themselves to perform correctly in front of others, the root chakra is an important area to focus on during meditation.

Another chakra that is regularly a focus of meditation is the heart chakra. Represented by the colour green, the heart chakra connects with the cardiac plexus and handles our love, both our ability to give it and to receive it from others. Everyone wants to be loved by others, and “heartbreak” can become a very real thing within the heart chakra and cardiac plexus, leading to issues such as heart disease. Researchers have proven the importance of friendship and relation with other humans, as well as the importance of a positive loving relationship with ourselves.

Eastern medicine believes in another five chakras throughout the body that all provide different energy needs. Meditation is a popular way to access these areas and effectively “work out” these parts of ourselves. Just like eating a healthy diet and exercising are essential to our health, so to is the process of focused meditation on our chakras.

Despite many cultures following a physical-only or spiritual-only doctrine of healthcare, the human body is very much integrated with these two differing aspects. Bad physical decisions can lead to negative effects on our spiritual side and vice versa. Our body doesn’t just react to food, but also to our emotions and the environment in which we live. The entirety of both our physical and spiritual beings create the world in which we live everyday.

Relaxation Meditation gives us a chance to reconnect with this spiritual side of ourselves. It allows us to relax, escape the physical world for a little while and recharge our batteries on a level which we cannot reach physically. Meditation can help us cope with physical ailments much easier and bring us a deeper level of peace and acceptance of our circumstances.

I will continue share more wisdom on the ancient meditations that were flown out from an ashram in India, with you in the next newsletter. Visit this link to read the previous newsletter you may have missed out on, released before Christmas.



Why not find the very best in each situation and enjoy it to the full, no matter where you are or what you are doing? Never waste time and energy wishing  you were somewhere else, doing something else. You may not always understand why you find yourself where you are, but you may be sure there is a very good reason and that there is a lesson to be learnt. Do not fight against it, but find out what that lesson is and learn it quickly so that you can move on. You would not want to remain static, would you? As you cease resisting and simply accept the lessons to be learnt, taking them all in your stride, you will find life much easier and, what is more, you will enjoy the changes that will take place. A plant does not resist growth or change, it simply flows with it and unfolds in true perfection. Why don’t you do the same?


Just a reminder that I always welcome you to my healing meditations in Norton Street, Leichhardt, Sydney. I am sure you remember how well you slept after your first or second meditation and how good you felt over the next few days, as the energy I channel into you lasts a long time. Also, remember all the places that we focused on bringing rain to Australia…it has rained. With the regular practice of meditation you can truly bring yourself back to balance, health, peace and the great feeling of empowerment to then create the life you want to live.You will see the world differently. Everything will be more beautiful with boundless abundance and opportunities. So I welcome you to return and keep up the practice of meditation to bring yourself back to your inner power and wisdom.


Stay tuned as our next newsletter will roll out soon and enjoy your Easter break with family and friends. Another lovely video testimonial to share with you all. She lives in Drummonyne and finds my meditations in the inner west conveniently close and easy to get to in the evenings.

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