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Chakra Jewellery

These powerful healing chakra necklace is individually made and charged, so you can wear our chakra jewellery to assist with clearing and balancing your chakras every day. Our chakra necklace also protects you from anyone trying to direct any negative or low energy to you. This unique chakra jewellery is vital for anyone working in toxic environments. To help to soothe, calm and relax you.




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View our unique Chakra necklaces and jewellery – Beautifully simple and elegant, our chakra jewellery is created from pure crystals that help balance and revitalize the chakras. Produced from a variety of gemstones including moonstone, fire agate, and rose quartz, clear quartz, mookaite, pietersite and loads more. Our chakra necklaces are a perfect complement to our Channeling Meditation Course.The seven major chakra centers transmit and receive our physical, emotional and spiritual energy.The crystals on each necklace have been charged with an secret ancient healing energy, using a technique over 7000 years old that was originally sourced from the palm leaf scriptures in ancient India. These chakra necklaces will offer protection from any negative energy directed at you, from anywhere and by anyone.This beautiful piece will assist in removing blocks and obstacles from your seven main chakra centres. Our crystal beaded necklaces with a large crystal pendant, come in a variety of forms, including a cross, heart or natural cuts and provide an excellent gift for your loved one. As the properties of the crystals are activated, you might feel a buzzing sensation which is the healing process taking place, while wearing them.

Each necklace comes with its own scroll containing the details on the properties of the crystals, the chakra centers they will work on, and how to care for and clear your necklace. The end result is jewellery that is more than just simply beautiful, they are simply magical.Visit our Elite Membership Channeling Meditation Course’ section, for more great information and we look forward for you to join our fabulous online meditation course spanning over 4 months with loads of support and guidance.